Coinicles makes transaction faster and secure. It uses both the source code of both Monero and Loki to achieve all its goals. Coinicles was created as a fork of Loki, which is already one of the most anonymous and private cryptocurrencies and have created alot of features that have promoted greater security, service node etc. We are looking to create a better and completely anonymous, private, secure network for communication and trade which is easy to use. It is easy to mine, and easy to create a service node.


  • Algorithm: RandomXL (loki variant)
  • Name: Coinicles
  • Ticker: CICO
  • Supply: 18 billion Coinicles
  • P2P: 32022
  • RPC: 32023
  • Remote node:
  • Burn: 17 million out of he 20million premined

Premine remover

the premine amount of 17 million cico was totally destroyed